Isetan Premium Paper Bag | Experience in Style

Elevate your shopping experience with the Isetan Paper Bag.

Crafted with durable 120gsm MF Kraft and stylish maroon twisted paper handles.

  • Dimension: 320mm (W) x 115mm (G) x 320mm (H)
  • Material: 120 gsm MF Kraft
  • Printing: 4 Colours
  • Handles: Twisted Paper Handle-Maroon


Enhance your shopping trips with the luxurious Isetan Premium Paper Bag.

Made from sturdy 120gsm MF Kraft material, these bags boast elegance and durability. Measuring at 320mm (W) x 115mm (G) x 320mm (H), they offer ample space for your purchases.

The stylish maroon twisted paper handles provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or treating yourself, the Isetan Premium Paper Bag ensures your items are carried with sophistication and flair.