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Sun Paper Bags specialises in providing a comprehensive and tailored service for paper-based packaging production.

Our offerings covers design, printing, finishing, conversion and logistics, allowing us to bring your unique ideas to life.

By offering an extensive range of services and raw materials, your product is only limited by imagination. With our capabilities and commitment to quality, we strive to form lasting partnerships with our stakeholders.

  • Conversion
  • Printing
  • Finishing
  • Logistics

Paper Bags

Biodegradable and recyclable, paper bags are way more sustainable an alternative to plastic bags. Stronger than it looks, it can be further reinforced with handle boards as well as base boards. We have the capabilities to produce paper bags in any size, shape, form, design, and finishing.

Food Grade Boxes

Food-grade refers to the safety and hygiene standards required for food contact. We stock food-grade certified papers that are non-toxic, odourless, and resistant to moisture and grease. We have the capabilities to produce boxes in any size, shape, form, design and finishing. Windowed or non-windowed, we got you covered.

Gift Boxes

Equipped with a team of skilled craftsmen, we possess the know-how to bring your gift box vision to life regardless the complexity of the design and mechanics. We source only the finest quality materials, including specialty papers, luxurious fabrics, exquisite ribbons, and embellishments.

Envelope/Paper Mailer

With the understanding that envelopes and paper mailers play a crucial role in communication and branding, we offer versatility and flexibility. Whether you need envelopes for business correspondence, direct mail campaigns, invitations, or special events, we have the expertise to create envelopes that suit any purpose.


The simplest of process relative to other conversion services that we offer, choose from the vast library of paper materials that we have in stock.

Money Packets

The production of money packets relies on the same processes as envelope making. We have the capabilities to produce money packets in any size, shape, form, design, and finishing.

Flexographic Print

Process involves a flexible relief plate with raised image areas that transfer ink onto the desired surface, think of it as a stamp. It offers high-speed production capabilities, excellent colour reproduction, and is well-suited for large print runs while maintaining its cost-effectiveness.

Use Case: Artwork with logo printing and basic background design. Best used for high-usage corporate packaging.

Image Detail: Medium
Colour Accuracy: Medium
Cost: Lowest

Offset Print

Process involves transferring ink from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and then onto the desired surface. It is renowned for its ability to reproduce fine details, gradients, and vibrant colours. Offset printing offers precise colour control and sharp image reproduction.

Use Case: Artwork with complex and colourful background design. Best used for premium festival and seasonal packaging.

Image Detail: High
Colour Accuracy: High
Cost: Low

Inkjet Print

Process utilises digital software to produce prints by propelling tiny droplets of ink onto a substrate. It provides high-resolution output and vivid colour saturation. Inkjet printing offers little-to-none setup time, making it perfect for small print runs, high customisation, and on-demand production.

Use Case: Low quantity packaging orders with low production lead-time.

Image Detail: High
Colour Accuracy: High
Cost: High

Lamination (Gloss)

Process of applying a glossy, transparent film onto the surface. Gloss lamination provides visual enhancement, making colours appear more vibrant and images more visually appealing. It also provides protection from scratches and moisture.

Lamination (Matte)

Matte lamination exudes professionalism and luxury by adding a velvety texture to the surface, providing a unique soft- touch feel. Similar to gloss lamination, matte lamination provides protection from scratches and moisture.

Lamination (Holographic)

Using films that contain micro-embossed holographic patterns or images, it produces a shimmering, multi-dimensional effect that changes depending on the viewing angle. Holographic lamination captures and reflect light, creating a dynamic display of colours and patterns. It also provides an added protection to the surface.

Lamination (Soft Touch)

Soft-touch lamination provides a unique sensory experience and enhances the perceived quality of the material. It creates a tactile surface that feels soft and velvety to the touch, giving it a high-end, luxurious look. Protection comes as an added bonus.

Hot Stamping

A decorative technique used in printing to create metallic or coloured designs, patterns, or text on surfaces by applying a thin layer of metallic or pigmented foil onto a surface. It creates a shiny, reflective surface that stands out.

Spot UV

Spot UV enhances surfaces by creating a glossy, raised effect by applying a clear and shiny coat to selected areas, resulting in a striking contrast between the matte surface and the glossy spot UV-coated surface. It draws attention to important details on the printed material.

UV (Glitter)

Glitter UV combines glitter particles with the use of UV technology. This coating creates a shimmering effect and it won’t rub or flake off like traditional flocked glitter. It can be applied selectively on spot coating basis.

Varnish (Soft Touch)

Achieving similar results as soft-touch lamination. As for all varnish, it is a liquid coating applied directly to the surface. A cheaper alternative to soft-touch lamination, it is suitable for surfaces without the need for extensive protection.

Varnish (Pearl)

Pearlized varnish is used to create a pearlescent or iridescent effect on surfaces. It adds a subtle shimmer or lustre reminiscent of pearls, providing an elegant and timeless luxury finish.

Emboss/ Deboss/ Texturing

The most matured of all finishing technology, it involves pressing a design or pattern into the surface. These techniques are used to create a three-dimensional raised effect on a surface that can be felt and seen. It can be combined with foil for an added metallic surface.


We store your goods for up to 3 months

Unlock space and optimise your warehousing operations with our value-added warehousing solution. We offer flexibility and convenience to our mall-tenanted clients, allowing them to channel resources and precious space on revenue generating inventories.


We deliver to malls

Offering an efficient delivery solution for space-constrained environments, our delivery capabilities offers convenience to our mall- tenanted clients, allowing them to reduce the need for stocking up on non-revenue generating inventories.


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