Under Armour Paper Bag | Premium Exclusive | Elegant Packaging Solution

Elevate your brand with our Under Armour Paper Bag.

Made of premium 120 gsm MF Kraft, measuring 303mm (W) x 152mm (G) x 354mm (H). Features 1C x 2C printing on the base for standout branding. Includes durable polyester cord tipping handles. Sophisticated packaging solution.

  • Dimension: 303mm (W) x 152mm (G) x 354mm (H)
  • Material: 120 gsm MF Kraft
  • Printing: 1C x 2C (Base)
  • Handles: Polyester Cord Tipping


Under Armour Paper Bag: Elevate your brand’s packaging with our premium 120 gsm MF Kraft paper bag.

Measuring at 303mm (W) x 152mm (G) x 354mm (H), this bag offers ample space for your products.

Featuring 1C x 2C printing on the base, your branding will stand out with sophistication.

The polyester cord tipping handles ensure durability and ease of carrying. Make a statement with this elegant packaging solution.