Kinokuniya Envelope Collection | Premium Envelope

Elevate your correspondence with Premium Envelope.

Crafted from premium 90gsm Recycle Brown Kraft, perfect for stylish mailing.

  • Dimension: 225mm (W) x 355mm (H)
  • Material: 90 gsm Recycle Brown Kraft
  • Printing: 1 Colour


Experience the luxury of Kinokuniya Envelope, meticulously designed for elegance and durability.

Crafted from high-quality 90gsm Recycle Brown Kraft material and boasting dimensions of 225mm (W) x 355mm (H), these envelopes offer ample space for your mailings while exuding sophistication. The 1-color printing adds a touch of branding, making them perfect for personal or professional use.

Whether sending invitations, announcements, or important documents, Kinokuniya Envelope ensures your correspondence makes a lasting impression.

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