Paper Bags

Biodegradable and recyclable, paper bags are way more sustainable an alternative to plastic bags. Stronger than it looks, it can be further reinforced with handle boards as well as base boards. We have the capabilities to produce paper bags in any size, shape, form, design, and finishing.

Food Grade Boxes

Food-grade refers to the safety and hygiene standards required for food contact. We stock food-grade certified papers that are non-toxic, odourless, and resistant to moisture and grease. We have the capabilities to produce boxes in any size, shape, form, design and finishing. Windowed or non-windowed, we got you covered.

Gift Boxes

Equipped with a team of skilled craftsmen, we possess the know-how to bring your gift box vision to life regardless the complexity of the design and mechanics. We source only the finest quality materials, including specialty papers, luxurious fabrics, exquisite ribbons, and embellishments.

Envelope/Paper Mailer

With the understanding that envelopes and paper mailers play a crucial role in communication and branding, we offer versatility and flexibility. Whether you need envelopes for business correspondence, direct mail campaigns, invitations, or special events, we have the expertise to create envelopes that suit any purpose.


The simplest of process relative to other conversion services that we offer, choose from the vast library of paper materials that we have in stock.

Money Packets

The production of money packets relies on the same processes as envelope making. We have the capabilities to produce money packets in any size, shape, form, design, and finishing.